“You made me want to stop doing anything else but love you.”

Love can be hard to put into words. Let me help you out with that. Allow me to be the ghostwriter of your heart’s deepest affections, so your wedding day is just as perfect as you’ve always imagined.

What’s It All About?

Your wedding day should be about you. Sometimes the tedious tasks of the event overshadow the journey of love that you and your partner are about to embark on. Allow me to help you turn those hard-to-describe feelings into words, ensuring that your vows are a beautifully-constructed, passionate token of your everlasting affection.

So, how does it work? Simply contact me with your name, your timeline and any requests (e.g. creative direction, incorporate a name, etc).

For a nominal fee, I’ll craft a set of vows just in time for your special day. The best part? It’s all based on your preference. Want something more meaningful and emotional? DONE! How about hilarious? As Michelle Tanner would say, “you got it, dude!” Or perhaps an amalgam of the two so it’s both sappy, yet funny? Like a maple tree that told knock knock jokes? I can make it happen!

Unhappy with my services? Not a problem! This is your day and the vows are important. While refunds are tricky, I offer an immediate revision free of charge based on your feedback. We’ll workshop it together until we come up with something that you absolutely adore, so you’re free from worry before entering into a romantic partnership with your soulmate that will hopefully last forever.


My name is Scott Zaleski. I’m a 25-year old writer currently living in the cheapest one-bedroom apartment that I could possibly find in Los Angeles.


I enjoy long walks along the beach, lying to people that I enjoy long walks along the beach, and the oxford comma. For any more information about what I do or what I can do for your special day, please contact me below. I’d love to hear your words if any of mine have grabbed your attention.