Why Are Vows So Important?

Vows are more than just the two-word vacuous response you hear repeated during every marriage ceremony. It’s your love put into words.

While some might think that writing vows are akin to pulling teeth, there is something so inherently beautiful about them. Knowing the reason why you’re with someone is a moment in life that should always be cherished. That is why I find it so hard that some couples take this part of their ceremony for granted. This is your one chance to perfectly encapsulate how you feel about your significant other. This is where you get to tell the entire world that this bond you’re about to make is not only for real – but everlasting. Roll your eyes if you must, but that does not make it any less true.

I never understood why some people had trouble coming up with their vows. I can understand why some people would have trouble watching “The Vow.” Because that movie is just 104 minutes of someone trying to remember why they love Channing Tatum. You don’t need a film for that when you realize it probably takes him two and a half hours to sound out the word “fettuccine.”

However, I do understand how some people can run into troubles trying to articulate how they feel. How do you put accurately express a feeling? In public? In front of everyone you know? That can be scary, I get it! That’s where I come in. I’m coming from a place that truly understands how much you feel for your significant other – and I would love nothing more than to put those emotions into words. My goal isn’t to help you lie, or to assist you in regurgitating fantastical phrases that ultimately mean nothing to you. My goal is to help you get out of your own way so you can accurately, and lovingly, tell your partner why they are so important to you.

No lies, just love. And that’s why vows are so intrinsically important. Let me help you write yours.